Topical Problems of Mechanical Engineering


About the ToPME

International Conference of Young Scientists and Students "Topical Problems of Mechanical Engineering" ToPME is rightfully considered one of the main events of the Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMASH RAN). Annually ToPME gathers several hundred participants from among the talented scientific youth of Russia and countries of near and far abroad.

Among the participants there are many young employees of scientific institutions dealing with the fundamental problems of mechanical engineering, as well as representatives of manufacturers whose research activities lie in the field of practical development. Students and postgraduates of technical universities also take an active part in the conference.

In accordance with the research activity specifics of IMASH RAN for many years of ToPME a number of traditional directions of the conference were formed:
- Structural materials science;
- Strength, survivability and safety of machines;
- Tribology;
- Vibration processes and systems;
- Machines mechanics and control, robotics;
- Bio-mechanics;
- Non-linear wave mechanics and technologies.
A separate section is organized for each direction at ToPME.

Special attention at ToPME is paid to students. For many participants of the student sections the conference was the crucial point in the choice of future professional activity. A good confirmation of this is the fact that a significant part of the graduate students and young employees of IMASH RAN made their choice in favor of science thanks to ToPME. Attract and retain young people in the scientific community are among the main objectives of the event! Talented students will certainly receive valuable advice and support from leading scientists in their aspirations for a great science.

A friendly atmosphere and a comfortable environment for young people have always been the distinctive cards of the conference. In addition to the sectional meetings within the ToPME, various scientific and entertainment events are held for guests and participants: round tables, plenary sessions, seminars, meetings with interesting people, sports competitions, musical evenings, excursions and so on.

It is also important that there are no registration fee or any other organizational contributions. Participation in ToPME was and remains free of charge for both participants and guests of the conference.


«…Tracing the development of the conference, it can be said with certainty that persistent positive tendencies have been established: with each year the number of those wishing to speak increases, the geography of participants expands, and the level of scientific papers presented increases. All this, undoubtedly, testifies that ToPME is going the right way. I would like to take this opportunity to address the young scientists on behalf of the Organizing Committee: "You, no matter if you want to, are the future of our national science! Willingly take on new interesting projects, take an active part in scientific events and competitions for grants. Do not doubt: you will succeed if you suffer a little! The main thing is not to give up and not to stop believing in yourself. Well, the organizers of ToPME, for their part, will try to do everything possible to support your endeavors. Go ahead!"...»

Alexander N. Polilov,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of ToPME



See you at ToPME!