Topical Problems of Mechanical Engineering




International Conference of Young Scientists and Students "Topical Problems of Mechanical Engineering" ToPME is organized by Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMASH RAN) with the support of The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian FederationRussian Academy of Sciences, NRU MGSU
and leading Technical Universities of Russia.




V. A. Glazunov, Sc.D. Eng. and Phil., Prof., director of IMASH RAN – Chairman 
R. F. Ganiev, academician of the RAS, scientific director of IMASH RAN  
A. Yu. Albagachiev, Sc.D. Eng., Prof., head of the Department of “Friction, Wear and Lubrication. Tribology” 
V. K. Astashev, Sc.D. Eng., Prof. 
Yu. I. Bobrovnitskii, Sc.D. Eng., head of the Department of “Theoretical and Applied Acoustics”
S. M. Kaplunov, Sc.D. Eng., Prof.
O. I. Kosarev, Sc.D. Eng., head of the Department of “Vibrational Acoustics of Machines”
Yu. G. Matvienko, Sc.D. Eng., Prof., head of the Department of “Strength, Survivability and Safety of Machines”
N. A. Makhutov, corresponding-member of the RAS 
S. Yu. Misjurin, Sc.D. Phys.-Math., Academic Secretary of the RAS Commission on Youth
G. Ya. Panovko, Sc.D. Eng., Prof., Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation 
I. A. Razumovsky, Sc.D. Eng., Prof.
A. N. Romanov, Sc.D. Eng., Prof., head of the Department of “Structural Materials Science” 
V. O. Solov’ev, Ph.D. Eng., head of the Department of “Vibrational Bio-Mechanics”
I. V. Stepanyan, Sc.D. Biol. 



A. N. Polilov, Dr.Sci, Prof.– Chairman 
A. V. Frolova, Ph.D. Eng. – executive secretary of the conference, reviewer of Section 1 "Structural Material Science”   
A. N. Nikiforov, Ph.D. Eng. – reviewer of Section 8 for students
M. V. Prozhega, Ph.D. Eng.– reviewer of Section 3 “Tribology” 
M. S. Pugachev – reviewer of Section 2 “Strength, survivability and safety of machines”
H. F. Saberov, Ph.D. Eng. 
K. B. Salamandra, Ph.D. Eng. – reviewer of Section 6 “Machines mechanics and control, robotics” 
V. I. Svirin, – reviewer of Section 5 “Bio-mechanics” 
N. A. Tatous’, Ph.D. Eng. – Vice Chairman
V. V. Shabalin – site administrator, art decoration of the event
A. E. Shokhin, Ph.D. Eng. – reviewer of Section 4 “Vibration processes and systems” and Section 7 “Non-linear wave mechanics and technologies”